Saint John the Theologian Greek Orthodox Church
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WHYs of Orthodox Christianity Adult Education

Go From A Dull Black & White Faith To A Technicolor Orthodox Experience Of God.

Why do we Orthodox believe what we believe and why do we practice what we practice?

Learn to discover the beautiful patterns that unite our theological, sacramental, and festal celebrations and fill our lives with meaning.

  • Who is the Orthodox Christian God, and why would anyone worship Him over other gods?
  • What does it mean to be human? Why does our understanding of what God revealed to us about Himself, help us understand what it means to be human? What were we created for? And why is it so important to understand what this means? What’s at stake when we misunderstand our own humanity?
  • What actually happened in Adam & Eve’s fall? What kind of impact did that fall have on the rest of creation and why?
  • When God’s Son took on human flesh to live as a man among us, why did He do that? Is salvation about God’s Son dying to appease the wrath of His Father and to satisfy His Father’s sense of justice, or does ancient Christianity look at our Lord’s incarnation through a different lens? Why would we say that Calvin totally distorted what the scripture says about “pre-destination”? How does salvation work in the Orthodox Church, and why?
  • What do the sacraments of the Church have to do with our salvation and why?
  • Why do does the Church insist that its various feast-days are far more significant than mere celebration of historical events?

Attend the WHYs of Orthodoxy Class, each Monday, at 6:00 PM. These classes are only 1 hour each.

Because you need something transformative for a change!