Saint John the Theologian Greek Orthodox Church

Our WHY, Mission, Vision, and Values

Icon of ChristWHY are we here?

We believe that we were created to become one with our Lord Jesus Christ and to pattern our lives after His teachings, mission, and ministry. This actually brings transformation, meaning and Life to ourselves, our families, our parish, our city, and the world.

Therefore Our Mission is to:

keep, practice, and proclaim His *Kingdom* on earth by:

  • BEING disciples (μαθητές),
  • MAKING disciples, &
  • GROWING disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

That St John’s parish is the place where one goes to be transformed in Christ-likeness.

Our Five Core Values:

(What it means to be the Orthodox Church)

5 values

  • We commit ourselves to WORSHIP regularly in Spirit & in Truth, applying ourselves to the Sacramental Life of the Church, and the beauty of its liturgy, since we know that such worship helps conform us to Christ-likeness.
  • Our FELLOWSHIP is Christ-centered, focused upon building community while accomplishing Christ’s mission and ministry.
  • We are devoted to EDUCATION towards spiritual maturity…to better understand the depths of the Orthodox Faith and to grow in Christ-likeness.
  • We engage in a self-sacrificial WITNESS of Christ to others in our surrounding community, so that people will experience and hear the Gospel from our lives.
  • We offer tangible SERVICE of love towards the community who surround us.
    Love is an action…not a feeling.