Saint John the Theologian Greek Orthodox Church

Baptism and Chrismation

As many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.” ~ Galatians 3:27

Every baptism is a covenant, that is, an agreement, between God and man.  God promises to be our Father and we promise to be His children.  In the past God entered into agreement with Noah, Abraham, Moses and others.  Now through baptism He approaches and wishes to make an agreement with every person who comes into the world.  It is an agreement of love which God initiates.  He says in effect, “I will be your Father, your Savior, and you will be my son, or my daughter.” We “put Christ on” like a garment, with the hope that as we mature by our cooperation with God’s grace, we begin to be more and more like God’s Son, Jesus Christ…Christ-likeness.

St John Greek Orthodox Church shares the joy of your upcoming Baptism. We’re excited to be a part of this planning process with you and with the godparent(s) you’ve chosen.

  • PLEASE NOTE REGARDING GODPARENTS: The role of the godparent is primarily a spiritual one, whereby the godparent is expected to model the Orthodox Christian Faith to their godchild through their own pious example and encouragement. Therefore, the godparent you choose must have the priest of their parish submit a letter to Fr Allan, stating that they are a “Parishioner in Good Standing.” Please click on this link to understand the Greek Archdiocese criteria for being a “Parishioner in Good Standing.”
    • If your choice of godparent does not yet meet these criteria, they are welcome to begin regularly attending St John Greek Orthodox Church and bring themselves into compliance with these requirements. If the person you chose to be godparent is unable or unwilling to be in compliance with Archdiocese policy about embracing the Orthodox Christian Faith, then you’re welcome to begin the habit of weekly attending Divine Liturgy and Coffee Hour at St John’s, until you meet someone who does fit the criteria of “Good Standing.”

When you click on this PDF, you’ll find a Baptismal Packet with forms and important information regarding archdiocese policy surrounding the Sacraments of Baptism and Chrismation. Please fill out all the forms and then scan them, along with the birth certificate of the person being Baptized, emailing them to